2 Free Patient Complaint Form Templates

Patient Complaint Form Templates are available here for free. The patient complaint form is been provided to the patients who are not satisfied with the doctors who treated them. The patient has all the rights to complaint against a doctor or even the hospital from where they received the treatment. The complaint form should be filled and should be sent to the medical council where they would investigate the complaint and would take necessary action against the doctor or the hospital. But the complaint should be genuine. For harassment and for not doing their duty properly a doctor or a clinic or even a hospital could be blamed, but not for any other reason. The complaint must be clear and the patient should also have the evidence against the doctor or the medical organization. When it would be required the patient should be able to prove the fault against the doctor. You can download multiple patient complaint form templates at this page.

Patient complaint form is a document used by patients, when they want to file a complaint with medical superintendent or head of  department about poor services or treatment provided. This form can be used to submit complaint about the doctor, nurse, medical expert or staff of the hospital etc. Almost all medical centers and hospitals provide their patients such forms on demand. Patient complaint form is prepared with blank fields where a patient or guardian of patient can write details about the complaint they want to submit with concerned department or person. Sample patient complaint form is added in this post for your reference. A user can easily print this patient complaint form template using personal printer. Changes can also be made in the template to add more fields or text boxes into the form if you are feeling that it is not fulfilling your requirements

Free Sample Patient Complaint Forms can be downloaded through this download button.